Publisher Weekly Publisher Weekly choses ghostgirl as one of their summer staff picks – the only YA novel on the list of adult reads. “The big theme in YA this summer is the undead teen or can’t or won’t die…An exemplar is Tonya Hurley’s consistently witty ghostgirl, which begins as perpetually sidelined Charlotte Usher chokes to death on a gummy bear, then skips out of deadiquette school in hopes of wooing her longtime heartthrob, never mind that ‘he doesn’t know I’m alive’ – ahem.

Rockefeller Foundation Tonya Hurley was nominated for the Rockefeller Foundation Award in film.

Writer's Guild of America, East Active member since 2001.

MTV Report of ‘Kiss My Brain’ being scored by Vince Clarke and premiering at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

Tribeca Film Script optioned by Jane Rosenthal and Robert DeNiro’s Tribeca Productions.

2007 Webby Awards Honoree2007 Webby announced as Official Honoree of the 2007 Webby Awards — among only a dozen sites similarly honored such as DKNY, The New York Times, Nickelodeon and Sony. United Nations/ Poetry Festival DVD – ‘Baptism of Solitude: A Tribute to Paul Bowles’ included on a compliation DVD along with Abbas Kiarostami, Pulitzer Prize winner Yusef Komunyakaa, Joyce Carol Oates, and Martin Espada. Available in Rattapallax Magazine through the United Nations in NYC during the Poetry Festival and distributed in the U.S., Canada, Brazil, Chile, Peru, and Argentina. Executive produced by Bob Holman, who won several Emmys for his poetry films and produced “The United States of Poetry” for PBS. Past compilations featured artists and poets such as Lou Reed, Saul Williams, Rick Moody, Ernesto Cardenal, Sharon Olds, Marilyn Hacker.

Publisher’s Weekly
June 15 – 2006
Rights Report – Nancy Conescu at Little, Brown has bought rights to two ghostgirl YA novels, described as Beetlejuice meets Heathers, by Tonya Hurley, the voice behind the Web site
The deal was made with Andy McNicol at William Morris. AOL- ghostgirl on RED – has launched and is currently live on AOL’s RED. – Baptism of Solitude: A Tribute to Paul Bowles will be screening online at in the Tribeca Screening Room.

KISS MY BRAIN – KISS MY BRAIN playing at the Institute for Contemporary Art in London

Edinburgh Film Festival – best friEND premiered at the 2002 Edinburgh Film Festival on August 22 and 24th.

CBS Jumbo-Tron May 2002
CBS Jumbo-Tron
May 2002

Baptism of Solitude: A Tribute to Paul Bowles will run on the CBS Jumbo-Tron throughout the month of May in Times Square in New York City.
view photo

Independent Film Channel August 2002
Independent Film Channel
(Dates to be announced).

IFC – Independent Film Channel will broadcast Baptism of Solitude: A Tribute to Paul Bowles starting this August.

Tribeca Film Festival

May 9th – May 11th
Tribeca Film Festival Screening of “Baptism of Solitude-A Tribute to Paul Bowles”
May 9th – 2:30pm @ United Artist 15
May 11th – 7:30pm @ United Artist 15

Don’t miss this exclusive screening of “Baptism of Solitude-A Tribute to Paul Bowles” at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City.

Time Out Friday 21
Reel New York
10-11 PM, PBS (Channel 13)

Tonight’s episode of the PBS series showcasing the work of New York filmmakers includes a hilarious short by Tonya Hurley, Solo-Me-O.
The documentary follows a Brookyln-bred Italian-American mother-who makes even the most outrageous fictional portrayal of such a woman seem tame in comparision-as she visits her dead relatives at the cemetery.

Billboard In the Mix:
…Vince Clarke has penned score to Kiss My Brain, a short film by Tonya Hurley.. animated short illustrating the chemical reaction the brain experiences during various emotional states, the movie will be screened at a slew of film festivals this fall.

Summer Shorts Tonya first performed Kiss My Brain as a spoken word piece at St. Mark’s Church “Poetry Project” in NYC.

Born in Pittsburgh, Pa., Tonya Graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a B.A. in English/Writing. She was a member of the Pittsburgh Filmmakers, shooting several experimental films on Super 8.

Daily Friday Highlights –
Three short films offer insights into brotherly love and other family matters. In Solo-Me-O, Mary Pagnotta visits the grave of a family member. Ch.13, 10p.m.

Rolling The movie’s wirter/director, Hurley describes the music as ambient and says, ‘if anyone can make brain chemicals audible, it’s Vince Clarke.

Canadian Kiss My Brain
2nd Best Animated Short

Hollywood Olsen Twins Go To Fox Family…
Cohen will script the debut episode with television series newcomer Tonya Hurley, who developed the series concept.

Canadian Fox Family orders 26 segs of Olsens…Cohen will write the preem episode with Tonya Hurley…

LA Times Erasure’s Vince Clarke did the score for a short film, ‘Kiss My Brain,’ being screened today as part of the L.A. International Film Festival.

Time Out The World According to Girls – Kiss My Brain, an animated short film by Tonya Hurley screens along with other shorts by women at the Anthology Film Archives.

LA Film Festival Tonya Hurley’s ‘Kiss My Brain’… quirky, animated warning of the ultimate balancing act: Controlling all those chemicals that make us what we are.

PBS Solo-Me-O/directed by Tonya Hurley.
This documentary short follows Brooklyn-bred Mary Pagnotta, a true character in every sense of the word, on a cemetery visit that is both heart-rending and funny.

Orlando Kiss My Brain – Quite possibly the first animated work to deal with the topic of brain chemicals in relation to emotional states.

Canadian Reel New York. Three works explore kinship ties. Included: Solo-Me-O, about a widow’s graveside visits to deceased relatives.

ABC Kiss My Brain is an animated short dealing with the topic of brain chemicals…It is currently doing the film festival circuit.

Cosmopolitan How I set Myself Apart from the Rest… Tonya Hurley writes and directs her own films…

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